Blood And Tears By The Day We Weep

Blood and tears by the day we weep

At the hands of a master with whip in hand.

Giving just enough so his slaves may eat

While keeping them cast in this purgatory land.


From towers of ivory they cackle at our fear

That their purse strings of velvet they may cinch.

Leaving us victim to the profits held so dear

Unwilling to contort even an inch.


O’ the horrors of the indentured organizing for their rights

How terrible and unpatriotic they must be.

To want a fair wage and sleep peacefully at night

Instead of worrying that their jobs just might flee.


Capitalists claim it’s the best of both worlds

That the profits trickle down to the masses.

With a grin on their faces lies they do hurl

Condemning the poor and middle classes.


Those that buy in are the ones they most harm

Afraid to speak out for what is fair.

Choosing to smile and nod with a charm

That sloughs it all off with no care.


They lie to themselves that all’s as it should be

No better system exists on this earth.

While the master ships our jobs away overseas

This shows how little we are worth.


Who is unpatriotic where their loyalty is concerned

The capitalist driven by power and greed.

Or is it the captive dying for all he has earned

Just to live and his family to feed.


In nearly two and half centuries very little has changed

Money and class are still rules of the day.

This is how unjustly our system is arranged

The affluent would have it no other way.


So pull close your wife, husband, daughter and son

For the ride may get bumpier as we go.

Unless we fight back then the master–he has won

Then ever less is all we’ll have to show.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The Worker

You blame the unions,

You blame the American worker,

Moving your plants overseas.


You say we want too much.

Is a decent quality of life too much,

A living wage to raise our families.


You take no blame on yourself,

Your greedy shareholders,

Gnarled hands outstretched,

Grasping for a greater piece of the pie.


You cry, profits are down;

Consumers aren’t buying!

You take our jobs away

Giving them to those in the third world.


No job, no money, no spending,

Where is your logic?

You ask for more from us

Giving us less for our labors,

Yet our bleeding is still not enough.


Our blood, our sweat means nothing,

No longer are we people,

No longer do you show us loyalty.


Profits reign king in your corrupt world

And we are merely paupers,

Struggling in your greed poisoned kingdom.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~