A Foolish Jealousy

Revel not in the happiness of others,

Nor share in their joy.

With false face and pasted smile, pretend,

Knowing this is wrong, stupid jealousy;

Unable to permit true glee,

Threatened by accomplishments beyond control.

This has always been and fear shall always be

A selfish flaw so ingrained it is painful.

What harm befalls, in the successes of others?

Not one in truth,

Yet the urge is far too strong to overcome;

Weakness takes hold,

Diminishing, making  pronounced the small and shallow,

Subject to the frailty of the flesh.

A lifelong endeavor to subjugate,

Success measured in meager steps forward then back,

To slowly free the mind,

Grasp at joy in all that surrounds,

Pleasure in nature,

Serenity in communion with fellow man,

This struggle runs deep torturing heart and soul.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Sequestration – A Haiku

Image Credit: militaryfamily.com

Image Credit: militaryfamily.com

What’s sequestration

A fancy word for stupid

Kids on the playground

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~