Amazed (Haiku)


Why should I be so happy

Then again…why not


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


This Blanket Of Snow

This blanket of snow,

Holds no greater chill than that of my soul,

Tangled in frigid fingers of emotion,

Drowning in a veritable ocean,

Whose frothy foam I call home.


I ask not for your sympathy,

Desire not your empathy,

This road I must travel alone,

A path my heart to me has shown,

Until my thirst has been sated.


To struggle forth and never find,

Reeks with havoc a fragile mind,

Constantly reaching to dull the pain,

No matter how subtle to keep me sane,

Darkness hides the tears I grieve.


Let not this smile I outward show,

Mislead you that I carefree go,

Buried deep within sullen core,

Bolted and locked the iron door,

My feelings trapped in dungeon black.


I pray one day to find the key,

To let in light so that I might see,

The gift of worth in this life I’ve led,

Before I join the cold stone dead,

On a sea of stark eternity.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Random Events

Torrential storm of random events

Beyond control your mood doth set

Thrusting outward in time repents

A heart in sorrow, forgiveness gets


I know not why I shelter inside

Negativity of others inside my mind

Or what I create I cannot hide

Instead of release ‘til death do bind


Should not happiness instill us all

Casting out that beyond control

Living in joy postpone bearer’s pall

Before its too late to corpse console


Random events are as they say

No path nor end hath fate defined

Life as we make and live this day

Should not be treated as a grind


Up to us all, our inner smile

Nourish and nurture to heart’s desire

Striving to best our every trial

Patiently dousing our temper’s fire


Easier said, more difficult to do

In this life we live on lease

Being as one with nature wrings true

Thriving and resting in peace


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~