So Much Seems Misguided In This World

So much seems misguided in this world

Though perhaps it is me that is misguided, I do not know.

Is it wrong to expect more from us as a people,

To give with an open heart,

To love without consideration of race, creed or color?

Touting the sacredness of our religions,

Our freedom to worship as we please,

We are stifled,

Narrow of mind,

Driven to discriminate in the name of our God.

We preach against other free peoples,

Demanding their conformity to our world view,

Threatening hellish consequences for disobedience.

This is not freedom–

Shackled by our religions, it is we are enslaved!

Find one among us that is not simply trying to survive,

Doing the best they can in these uncertain times.

Does your Holier-Than-Thou attitude raise you above them?

Does belittling your brothers and sisters bring you closer to God?

Does freedom and equality apply to only those with whom you are in consensus?

It does not you hypocrites;

Your religion is distorted and not of God!

You are not ordained to be judge and jury

Carrying out sentence on your brethren!

Take heed of your own shortcomings,

As I am certain there are many

And this world shall be a better place.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

I Partake Not In Another’s Squabbles (Sonnet)

I partake not in another’s squabbles, their concern is not my own,

Taking sides bears nothing but rotten fruit on the vine.

Picking winners and losers in life is futile as history has shown,

Their issues with one another is between them, not mine.


Should we not let bygones-be-bygones to follow their dreams,

It is not our place to be both jury and judge.

What is surely right for me may not be for another it seems,

On this I stand firmly refusing to budge.


Though in freedom of speech I wholeheartedly believe,

There are times we would be better to sit in silence.

Sometimes speaking your mind provides little to achieve,

And may lead to physical and mental violence.


So choose your words carefully though speaking is your right,

For offense so easily levied can lead to an unwinnable fight.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~