Frosted Window Panes (Haiku)

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Frosted window panes

Stand between me and the cold

Winter wonderland


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Great Barnegat Bay

Great Barnegat Bay,

No match for the chill of mighty winter.

Even scarved in saline she cannot withstand its grip

Nor shelter her residents from its icy hand.

Fractured ice flows appear as mirrored plain;

Sea birds scavenge

Spying the cracks and holes for sustenance,

Receiving only a baptism of frigid water in return

Life goes on unfettered beneath her rugged exterior.

Cattails line her shores

Hunched under the weight of snow and ice,

Browned and solid as if petrified.

Nor’easter after nor’easter has taken its toll

Leaving a barren tundra in their wake.

This too shall renew in thaw,

Icy plates melding back into the bay,

Birds once again feasting in their land of plenty,

Cattails finding the strength to stand straight in the warming winds.

Nay this will not be the last,

Her life blood destined to repeat this dance in natures echo,

Yet she perseveres despite all she endures.

This has gone on for time immemorial,

Making her hard–

Strong as steel, unwavering in her resolve.

Still under a summer sun she softens,

Gentle in her warm embrace,

Diamonds reflecting off her fluid gown,

She is a lady,

Loved and cherished by all who know her.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Winter Winds Cross Barren Fields (Terza Rima Sonnet)

Winter winds, screech angrily cross barren fields,

Brutal and unforgiving without relent.

While livestock and crop to natures wrath they yield.


Annually recurring without consent

Praying for relief from weather’s harsh fury

She is steely firm and she will not relent.


Corrals succumb to Jack Frost’s frozen slurry.

Cornstalks and wheat are like skeletons slumping,

Coated by blizzard and skies gentle flurry.


This icy grassland under shod foot clumping,

Springtimes thaw all things naturally await.

To tree branches and twigs their beat is drumming.


Waiting for the cold’s icy grip to abate

With renewal of crops our livestock they wait.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Spirits Suffer Under Winter’s Wrath

Spirits suffer under winter’s wrath,

Testing one’s fortitude to it’s last.

With anger, depression, anxiety and stress,

Leaving our sanity in quite a mess.

One glimpse out the window, on an icy chill

Leaves us with nothing, but time to fill.

Stir-crazy or claustrophobic it matters not,

Being caged as animals, seems an evil plot.

Too dangerous to cross thresholds spiteful path,

Daring us to tempt fate with her frosty laugh.

Those who are bold may chance demise

And look at her face through watery eyes.

Hoping against frostbite or something worse,

That leaves you stiff under Jack Frost’s curse.

So maybe being cooped up isn’t so bad,

Compared to all that you could have had.

Hopefully being stuck with the ones you love

Doesn’t turn out to be such a terrible rub.

Just know that soon this too shall thaw

And leave you more joyful in springtime’s awe.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Cool Of Evening

Cool of evening settles

Blades, wicker slowly whirring overhead

It’s hum rhythmic in accompaniment

Crickets chirp softly

Bringing gently waving grass to life

O’ how calming is dusk

Tho’ sweat yet trickles from my brow

As from my tumblers chill

Tropical flavors, fresh mango and papaya

Sooth the scorched palate

Shimmering pools call to me

Beckoning to placate tortured skin

I can scarcely resist this sensual temptation

As the clang of greatly diminished cubes

rattle the bottom of my now empty glass

I succumb to temptation

Shedding heat dampened clothes as if on fire

Plunging headlong into diamond heaven

Refreshed as water streams down my face

Ushering in the chill of summers breeze

Over moistened skin

I am renewed, welcoming vitality

As if reacquainted with an old friend

What more could one desire on a sweltering night

Than to be comforted by cooling breezes,


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~