Lovely Bungalow (Tanka)

Lovely bungalow

Left in ruin–overgrown

Mark of foreclosure

Farewell American dream

It was nice while you lasted

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Growing Frustration

Growing frustration!

ISIL laughs in our faces

…America bleeds.

Again we are being used

Because we’re slaves to their oil.

The coalition–

Where are they in this struggle?

This fight should be theirs!

Instead we do their bidding

As hostages to these captors.

We’re fooling ourselves.

This isn’t just about safety,

It’s economics.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Let’s Hear It For The Gipper

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An embarrassment lay before the trustees feet.

No courage, no diplomacy from the ivory seats.


They bicker and fight at the masses expense,

Void of logic this makes absolutely no sense.


Elected to do all the peoples good work,

To captain the ship with nary a perk.


Not to be so, as their pockets belie,

They weakened the law and stole all the pie.


Neither a sliver did they take nor merely a slice,

They keep going back many times more than twice.


Still as cattle to the polls we can’t help but repeat,

As if we were held to the fire by our feet.


When will the swarm awaken from their dream,

To see that this always has been part of the scheme.


Divide up the nation into haves and have nots,

Feed those without means into the haves corporate plot.


This countries demise may be its own wretched greed,

Blind or not caring for a citizenry in need.


Many poor have been baited that less gives you more,

A theory disproved by many before.


Even Greenspan did admit that “trickle down” was a farce,

The wealth it went up, but the trickle fell sparse.


Thirty years on, on the brink of collapse,

Austerity it is as we watch prosperity lapse.


But still the Gipper’s name is held up enshrined,

His legacy it ticks like a bomb out of time.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~