Thoughts of Correctness (Sonnet)

Thoughts of correctness–political or otherwise rise this time of year,

Merry Christmas replaced by Happy Holidays so as not to offend.

Is this not still Christmas which we for so long held dear,

There has been no change in the calendar I do portend.


What–pray tell is of such offense during this season so joyous,

Are not both happiness and goodwill the same amongst all?

Making merry at this time was once so pleasant–boisterous;

Kind smiles and hearty handshakes have suffered in pall.


Abstain if you must, from this merriment we freely offer,

Wallow in self-pity and become victim to your social demise.

There is far more to Christmas than filling retailers coffers,

Its a chance to renew our faith in man with a clearer set of eyes.


Regardless of religion take from this holiday what you will,

For if nothing but kindness and generosity, then your heart it will fill.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~