Book Review – A Girl Named Cord by Briana C. Vedsted

Okay, here it goes.  I have never written a book review before, but I felt inclined to get out of my comfort zone, poetry, and do one for a book and author that deserves to be recognized.

I was truly honored to have to had the opportunity to read a pre-release copy of – A Girl Named Cord, written by Briana C. Vedsted.  I have been following Briana’s blog at for some time now and have been impressed by her author interviews, stories and poetry so I was certain that any novel written by Briana would live up to her high writing standards and I must say I was not disappointed.

A Girl Named Cord is a western novel set in the American southwest during the second half of the 1800’s.  The story centers on the heroine of the novel, Cord McCoy, who in her personal struggle to fit in with the men in her life during this male dominated time period is confronted with life experiences that force her to grow up fast.  Not only are the characters that Briana created realistic, but the world in which they live comes alive in your minds eye.  This novel, in addition to Cord, has a great cast of supporting characters with Ghost being my personal favorite (I won’t provide any details as I don’t want to give anything away).

A Girl Named Cord has something for everyone, villains, heroes, love, gun play, tragedy, loss and personal strength in the face of adversity.  All of this keeps the story flowing smoothly and prevents it from becoming stagnant.  In addition, the are plot twists and colorful characters throughout keep you guessing what will happen next, right up to the last period of the last page.  What more could one ask for?

In summary, I highly recommend – A Girl Named Cord  for anyone, including the YA crowd, and am looking forward to the official release of  this, her latest novel on July 31st.

Well done Ms. Vedsted, very well done.