Does benevolence pain you?

It should not…

Others welfare-

Mustn’t be a cause of discomfort,

But a source of joy,

A gift of fulfillment,

Done out of obligation,

Not of demand,

Instead an obligation,

To care for your brothers,

And sisters in need,

In their moment of distress.

Time or money,

It matters not,

When done out of…

The goodness of heart.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Gift

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By D. R. DiFrancesco


In this most festive time of year,

Let us not forget amongst our Christmas cheer,

In whom the honor of this day be blessed,

Exalted on High above all the rest.


Every year at this time we tend to get lost,

Spending more than we have at almost any cost,

For fear we’ll disappoint the ones that we love,

Most surely we wouldn’t, petty things they’re above.


This is not why the Lord brought his Son to this earth,

He is the gift in Christmas that was given at birth,

Nothing in this world to Him could compare,

With the sacrifice of Christ that God wholly did share.


Our boxes and bows are mere trinkets to Him,

Valueless in comparison might I go out on a limb,

Tinsel and garland are beautiful it is true,

Lights of white, yellow, red, green orange and blue.


These are not what Christmas time is about,

Not the trees, decorations, or the gifts that you tout,

Its about love and charity done all the year through,

Kindness shown unto others in all that we do.


Its being thankful for Christ as we live out His word,

For benevolence though silent can still be powerfully heard,

This may be the greatest gift that as mortals we can give,

A gift we may freely offer for as long as we live.


So enjoy your Christmas trees and your twinkling lights,

Just remember our Lord and His Bethlehem night,

For His gift that He gave so many years ago,

Is the only one we need through joyful song we do show.


Draw nearer to you all your family and friends,

Shouting praises and prayer up to heaven you send,

We celebrate your birth baby Jesus whom we hold oh so dear,

May we embody the Christmas spirit all through the year.


credit –

By D. R. DiFrancesco


What is it they say,

With age comes wisdom,

This I hope and pray to be true,

Yet repeatedly this comes into question,

Seeing rigidity replace compassion.


I’ve become an oddity,

As liberal replaces conservative,

Demonized by those on the right,

If inclusion and compassion are evil,

I am guilty as charged.


A question, why the word liberal,

What does this mean,

Race, creed, color, do not define,

Not treating those in need as parasites,

When cut do we all not bleed.


To be liberal is to be human,

Loving our brothers and sisters,

Sexual orientation is not a choice,

Discrimination has consequences,

Do not judge until you have walked in anothers shoes.


Should this not be called compassionate,

Where is the evil,

You would rely on man’s goodwill to offer up benevolence,

Would you part with your fortune for the sake of another,

I think not, out of sight out of mind.


You feel robbed…no, cheated,

Reliance on charity alone has foundered,

Those in need are not criminals,

They have not picked your pockets,

Though you cry foul and claim that they have.


You laugh as we cry,

The spotted owl, the lizard, the toad have no voice of their own,

Clean air, clean water, clean ocean, open land,

Jokes told at meetings on Wall Street,

How sad to be held captive to money.


Global warming…a lie you proclaim,

As premium flows into your Bentley,

Anti-capitalist scientists must be fudging the data,

Ask those afflicted by Sandy,

Say goodbye to the polar bear.


You hoard your cash and earthly possessions,

Showing nary a care for your fellow man,

Nary a care for the world you so lackadaisically plunder,

What use is your great wealth to your progeny,

When you have spoiled that which sustains them.


You call me liberal, un-American, anti-capitalist,

Your opinion means little to me,

If greed and inhumanity are what make me American,

Then I bow out of this club,

I’d rather you thank me for making this a better world in spite of you.