The Silent Killer (Senryu)

The silent killer
Ebola the fifth horsemen
Can we stop its reign

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

18 thoughts on “The Silent Killer (Senryu)

  1. I must admit I at first passed it off as a joke but maybe it is what will change the paradox.. It could kill a billion souls.. Leaving 6.5 billion..

      • I heard a frightening statistic this afternoon. A Doctor was being interviewed (I think on Dr Oz) and he was saying that is something isn’t done soon, potentially 10,000 people could be dying every day (here in the US). Sensationalism at work? Possible. Revelations in Action…also, Possible.

      • Both are possible, I would agree that if something isn’t done soon, it will be very difficult to contain. I certainly hope though that his 10,000 number is not true, that would be devastating. I suppose we all will have to wait and see as there is little else we can do.

    • I know that it has reared its ugly head before and then seems to disappear as quickly as it appeared. Hopefully it will disappear for good. I certainly hope you are right that it can be stopped, that would be fantastic. Thank you Gilly.

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