Do You Live To Dream (Tanka)

Do you live to dream

Never feeling life’s fullness

Is this what you want

To waste the time you have here

Missing all that life offers


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



16 thoughts on “Do You Live To Dream (Tanka)

  1. Wow. You write a LOT of poetry – all good. Do you ever wake up with a perfectly formed verse in your head and then, come morning, most of it is gone? I think I should start sleeping with a pen & notepad under my pillow… :/

    • Very often I get the perfect verse in my head and by morning it is completely gone. I thought about keeping a pen and paper on my nightstand, but I’m sure if I sat up to write I would wake my wife up. That would not be good for her or me. 🙂

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