By religious objection

Legally sanctioned

Isn’t it time we grew up

And let bygones be bygones

Yet some of us can’t

Gays can be refused service

In Arizona

That is if the law passes

Welcome back to the stone age


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


 AUTHOR’S NOTE:  For those that are interested here is a link  to the story that prompted me to write this piece.  Arizona is placing a bill in front of the governor for her signature or veto that allows individuals, businesses and religious institutions to deny service or admission, primarily to members of the LGBT community so long as they can show that their discriminatory actions were prompted by their religious convictions.  This is disgraceful in my opinion and certainly does not make me proud to live in this state.

21 thoughts on “Discrimination

  1. What does ‘religion’ have to do with gay people? I thought every single Bible stated that Jesus said to basically ‘love every one as I love you.” What? We’re making distinctions now with who ‘religiously’ is deemed fit for love and acceptance? This is crazy! When will it end?

    Great poem, btw Dom!

    • Thanks Shelby, I guess “love thy neighbor” goes out the window for these people. You can bet if they are discriminated against for their religious beliefs they would be the first to scream about it. It is such a shame. I hope that Gov. Jan Brewer R-AZ vetoes this bill though with her it is hard to tell.

  2. You can bet that the folks claiming the lofty-sounding “religious objection” are up to all manner of sins behind closed doors. It’s a lame, pathetic excuse–and I imagine it strains God’s patience too.

  3. And another thing–it’s a shame we can’t discriminate against people who are ignorant, ill-mannered, and too full of themselves to realize there’s a whole world of more important people all around them. (It’s not a good thing to get me all wound up this late at night–rant, rant, rant!)

    • I understand, I’m wound up over this one as well. It seems so juvenile to me. I don’t believe that those in the LGBT community woke one day and decided that they would be how they are on a whim. I think that it is terrible that we are still having these discussions in this country in the 21st century. If this bill passes what will be next…I can only imagine.

  4. Unfortunately, there are still too many “knuckle draggers” out there that think people can be turned gay–or can just turn back, from being gay. I suppose in their world there’s a big, magic “gay wand” for that purpose.

    • I find it absolutely amazing in a disbelieving sort of way. I am hoping that this bill gets vetoed by our governor immediately, but our political system has completely gone off the rails so who knows. We will have to wait and see I suppose.

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