Who Was I Before I Was Me

Who was I before I was me?

I see myself out-of-body,

Living events not of my time.

I am watching myself from behind

A small boy staring at a black and white TV, all alone.

President Kennedy has been pronounced dead,

I have seen this vision for as long as I can remember,

Seven months before my birth.


It seems so real–it seems like yesterday.

Perhaps a figment of my imagination

Or perhaps a fragment of a past life;

A crossover from another time..

There is so much I don’t understand,

So much that can’t be disproven with science

I sense that I am far older than my calendar years

Though how much I do not know.

Hence my neverending question persists…

Who I was before I was me?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


26 thoughts on “Who Was I Before I Was Me

  1. My oh my – self reflection so early in the new year!! Just kidding – self reflection is good at anytime of the year really. I think we are a hodge pudge of what was and now. I remember the the first lunar landing. I also remember when Elvis went Ito the army and when JFK was shot – I was not born yet, but my mom used to tell me stories of this time period – how she felt and the country.

    • I can relate to that, but what I find weird is that I can see the wood in the TV cabinet, I can see what I am wearing, I can see the room I’m sitting in so vividly and this one particular vision I think about more frequently than I care to admit. I just find it odd as I don’t really have any other memories of my early childhood that even remotely comes close to being as vivid as this one.

  2. My son was only 4 months old but he swears he remembers 9/11 — granted, he saw ten thousand documentaries, news programs, etc., but he swears he remembers it “as it was happening”.

    Perhaps we’re all older than our calendar years …

  3. I guess you are “regressing” to a past life with a distinct time period before your birth. Meanwhile, I am experiencing “time echoes” (reference Red Dwarf) of some sort. I wrote about it recently on my own blog. I relive things that haven’t happened though they seem very real in my mind. It’s not quite psychic prediction…unless I simply change the future by becoming aware of its potential.

    At the same time, I have this feeling I was very different in a past life. I get it when I run into cops or security guards. But, it’s not like I can recall events of that past life. Just my gender and “lifestyle”.

    • This is a very strange feeling, this is not the only one I have had, but certainly the most vivid one and so out of body. Its nice to know that there are others that have similar feelings. Thank you for you comment my friend.

      • I don’t get out of body experiences. I get IN body ones that feel like I am walking through time. I can feel presences of those I know around me and hear voices. It’s very unsettling. Sometimes, it’s like an echo of my own voice. And, I wonder…why am I doing this? Why am I going through this? Should I continue what I am doing or stop right now? But, when I do stop and try a different direction…I just run into something else that “repeats”.

        As for a past life, I can’t quite explain it…but some would think me weird if I said what I thought I was. And, I can’t say I have had any instances of living in a previous time period. But, my reactions to somethings–and the way people talk about me sometimes–give me the feeling I was this sort of person somewhere at some time. Unless…what I am sensing is not the past but the future me.

        Yer welcome:)

      • I certainly don’t find anything you describe as weird, I would just have to assume that things are the way that they were meant to be. Yes, you certainly could be seeing the future you instead of the past, but only you would be able to determine that. I hope that you can find peace with these events and learn to embrace them. I wish you all the best my friend.

      • Well, when you’re used to your own family calling you weird at every turn, it’s a reflex to expect others to say the same. Thanks. I do need to sort this out and make peace with it. It’s hard to embrace what gives me headaches and makes me a little nauseous.

      • In the end though it is part of who you are and like a very important part. Hopefully you can someday embrace it my friend for the gift that it is. I don’t think it is weird at all.

      • I don’t see how it’s a gift. I can’t talk to just anyone freely about my experiences. Nor can I explain to those who don’t want to hear it why I do some of the things I do (that appear weird to them). I don’t like appearing “weird”. I just can’t shake this uncomfortable feeling.

        I used to have moments when I’d talk to people and say things they were surprised to hear–as if I was psychic–but I wouldn’t know what I said in advance. It just came out of my mouth. So, what is that?

        It’s not weird to you because you experience something similar.

        Recently, I had a thought. What if it’s somehow tied to the Mayan calendar thing? What if–since the strongest of these feelings started around 2011–the “end of the world” has had some impact on my/our mind/s? Some sort of extra sense or mental magnetism shift.

      • I really wish that I had an answer for you my friend, I suppose if I think about it I don’t view all of the “odd” things that happen to me as gifts, but I try not to let them be a curse to me either, instead I just take them for what they are. I believe that since we are each wired differently we need to try to make peace with who and how we are if possible and find a positive use for our abilities. Sure, there are people that will find these types of things weird, but to me that is their problem not ours. I think it is important to find people that will be supportive as you go this and not be judgmental. I am fortunate that my youngest daughter and my wife are pretty supportive when it comes to this type of thing, I hope that you can find others in your life to be supportive. I certainly don’t mind doing what I can to help you even if it is only through correspondence. Blessings and peace to you my friend. – Dom

  4. I feel like the universe is sending a message…but either I am not listening (ignoring what I “hear”) or I am not getting it clearly. As for supportive people, yea, wish me luck. Right now a wife and/or a kid who support/accept all that I am doesn’t seem likely. But, who knows what the future may yet hold.

    Does that mean you have other children who are not supportive (when you specify the youngest daughter)?

    I appreciate your correspondence/feedback.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Try to have hope and keep you proverbial ears open for the message as they generally come when you least expect them. I do have other children that don’t have the same beliefs that I do, in fact they laugh at some of beliefs, but I don’t let it bother me, the are adults and as such have the right to their opinions. Hang in there my friend and stay in touch. – Dom.

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