Peace, Goodwill Towards Men

Peace, goodwill towards men–

I believed this once,

A long, long time ago it seems.

I can still remember her smile,

The love of my life,


Not a care in our perfect little world.

And the kids–

Oh how they loved Christmas.

Not just the presents,

The paper, the bows,

But the time we spent together.

We were a family,

A perfect design by Hallmark.

Now she’s gone,

The years were not kind to her;

And the kids–,

Grown, families of their own–

Don’t come around much anymore.

Hell, I don’t remember the last time.

The gesture of a card would be nice

Just to let me know they cared,

That they remembered me,

But no…

It was not meant to be,

Alone I sit, stranded for the holidays.

This wasn’t how I saw my later years,

Aged, lonely,

Awaiting the ghost of Christmas past.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Prompt Word: Stranded

 Writing Prompt: Tuesday’s Thinking 17 December – By Jeremy Farmer – The Boi Poet

14 thoughts on “Peace, Goodwill Towards Men

  1. Aww so sad and yet you have such vivid and lovely memories. I love when you share those memories. It is a bittersweet time of year, Dominic, indeed! Sending you warm wishes your way and a big hug, Oliana

  2. Reblogged this on Traces of the Soul and commented:
    How we can take the holidays for granted when we are young and busy…Christmas is a time to not be alone and to share with a friend, family and sometimes a good friend is like family. Phone calls are easy to make with all the deals nowadays, and it’s free with Skype or Google Hang out…is there anyone YOU have neglected due to this busy season…..???

    • Thank you so much for the reblog and your ongoing support, I really do appreciate it. This is exactly what I was getting at with this piece. We all live incredibly busy lives and tend to forget about those that truly need us, as you said, even if it is a simple phone call the person who receives it will most certainly appreciate the gesture, just something to let them know they were not forgotten. Thanks again.

      • I know. There are so many reasons that people find themselves alone, and some of them really do just break your heart.
        I wrote a poem called Christmas Alone, and it was amazing how many different stories people took from it. Someone told me it made me think of the homeless, and that hadn’t even entered my mind when I was reading. But being homeless, this time of year is brutal.

      • Homelessness sure is brutal. Many times I write a poem and people find something different in it than what I had originally intended. I find this both wonderful and fascinating. I think another’s interpretations of poetry is what makes poetry such a fabulous art form.

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