A Buffeting Wind

A buffeting wind lashes at my person;

Crashing waves spit salty spray, soaking me to the skin,

I’m cold…much colder than this July day

This is freedom…sugar sand liberating my calloused soles.


A dream of floating out to sea,

Bare chested–bronzing in the noonday sun.

Drifting past jetty and buoy on my way to shores unknown.

Modern distractions left unguarded shoreside

To be gathered by the random wayfarer.

I have no need for these where I go.

How peaceful without ring or correspondence.


Hello jailbird gull, my only companion,

Keeping watch whilst the coast fades to a distant memory.

Farewell my feathered friend as I drift on gulf stream current,

Nothing but the gentle slosh of waves

To subdue the rejuvenating silence.


I never noticed the elegance of the virginal cumulus above me,

The pearl blue backdrop sky,

So much is lost to the rigors of our daily commune.


As day retreats from the night,

I am consumed by the star lit blanket.

So vast is the sky, so numerous the stars

All but lost amongst civilization.

In a moment of clarity I could almost see the man-on-the-moon,

Smiling at me in his mad-dash from crater to crater.


The chatter of the gentle humpback wakes me from my slumber,

Gracefully arching above the surface

For a life-giving breath.

Taking his waiting fin, we converse telepathic;

No fear, no anxiety do we impart.


Could there be anything more tranquil on this ravaged earth?

Awakening from this waking dream, so many times envisioned,

I long for it’s solitude,

It’s raw beauty,

Where I’m free.


~Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this one over the summer while I was reading Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass…he inspired me,  I just love Whitman’s style.

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