Days of Glory–Now Have Begun to Fade

Days of glory–now have begun to fade,

Road of deceit paved with lies has been laid.

Whistles blown reveal what we already knew,

A world acts shocked, surprising but a few.

Look deep inside–is this really so astonishing,

You must admit you knew though you’re not admonishing.

Since long before the Cold War this chess playing out,

Hidden in shadows and silence, eluded roundabout.

A line was crossed when citizens privacy up for grabs,

Our rights have been violated by little pin-prick stabs.

All was done for benefit of protecting the greater masses,

See how the peoples ire quickly passes.

Hence I propose that we are getting what we deserve,

This will be the justice and this our punishment serve.

For forfeiting our rights in fear and imagined protection,

So easily we give away more rights with every election.

And now the world is told this is all done for their good,

Its no longer a question of whether we shouldn’t or we should,

We’re sorry for any wrong that we may have caused,

It wasn’t our intention to overstep any laws.

In reality though we are sorry, sorry we got caught,

Complain as you will on deaf ears you cries are for naught.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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