Tragedy of Steubenville

Do not take pleasure

In the loss of two young souls.

Families tattered,

The victim forever changed,

Innocence left smoldering,

Trust left in ruins.

Is there no morality?

What happened to right and wrong?

A hollowed culture.

There are no winners this day,

Only losers can remain.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco


8 thoughts on “Tragedy of Steubenville

  1. this is so well stated. i read the comment made by the victim’s mother. i do hope that the young lady will be able to move on with her life in some way that this senseless violence will not define her. this is a beautiful piece. i wish you do not have to write it – but what you wrote is perfectly stated.

    • Thank you very much. I wish I didn’t have to write it as well. I just hope that people realize that nobody in this case came out the winner and no one involved, be they the perpetrators or the victim, will ever be the same again. I just hope that someday she can move past this to be able to have a meaningful and joyful life (if that is possible).

  2. Agreed, there are no winners in this “justice.” The only just thing would be for it never to have happened. Perhaps the only benefit would be a parent seeing this and having a talk with their children. I think that’s what your poem could yield! Thanks!

    • I agree with you completely. I certainly wish that it never had happened, but it did and perhaps as you say parents having a talk with their children about these issues may make them think twice before taking that step over the line. Thank you for you thoughtful comment.

  3. I live in a community that is *hugely* supportive of its football team. PLUS I live in “Penn State Country”. I have been stunned and amazed by a culture that protects rapists and other sex offenders and shields them from retribution — it isn’t just a far-off phenomena; I can see it (and have seen it) happening here.

    Also a culture that stands by and watches an assault being perpetrated and does nothing but film it and broadcast it on social media. Terrible. What is wrong with us????

    • I don’t understand it either. I don’t understand where our culture has gone wrong, either these things seldom happened when I was younger or without social media we just didn’t know about them. In either case our morals seem to be in the toilet and things aren’t getting any better. Thank you for your passionate reply, I appreciate you taking the time to voice it. This is such an important cultural issue.

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