The Wretch Within

Mirror shattered,

Bluish-green razor edge inviting,

Showing me pieces of who I used to be,

In fractured frames,

Blurring the lines of my worn and weary face.

To go on seems pointless,

In light of the disappointment I’ve sown in my life,

What relief cool glass to flesh would bring,

Were it not for the disappointment it would usher,

The woes of family and friends,

The abomination I would be before God,

The cowardice of my soul,

The greater Hell I would face.

Maybe this life is the biblical Hell,

Perhaps everything hereafter is Heavenly,

I do not know,

I can not know,

These things beyond the knowledge of man,

Revealed as mystery whilst I breath.

Of this I am certain, I will carry my burden,

Not for me as I am beyond hope,

But for those around me,

To prevent the shame of my imperfections.

Maybe this is the cross that I must bear,

Heavy…splinters piercing my flesh,

Wretched in this worldly skin.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

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