Dread of Night

Howling winds under amber moon,

Barren oaks crackle dry and brittle,

Skipping leaves rustle, dead and fallen,

As dogs aghast, bay at the dreadful night,

How eerie trembling in fright unfolds.

Shadows long and deep bury the living,

Cast down upon the earth in a tumultuous dance,

Sights and sounds of Hell inspired.

Whilst blackened figures roam unhindered,

Tricking eyes and mind to terror.

Spying what in logic can not be real,

Hence, even this is of no solace,

As synapse take their nightmarish toll,

Painting masterpiece of horror contrived.

With shutters locked taut, to hold back the fear,

Blankets drawn tight up over head,

Eyes pursed hard to block out the light,

We lay in silence to hide from the dead.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~


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